Who We Are

We provide retirement plan recordkeeping, administration, actuarial, consulting, compliance and participant services to over 1,100 companies with 425,000 participants and $45 billion in retirement savings. We are an independent firm and are not in the investment advisory or trust business.

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Our Approach

It All Starts With A Conversation

Understanding our clients’ history, goals, challenges and constraints allows us to implement plans that meet each client’s specific needs. This is the foundation for long term success.

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Helping Your Participants

Their Success Is Our Success

We have the experience to know what works.  A combination of plan design, web/mobile tools, live call support, financial wellness tools and personalized outreach to help participants achieve their personal financial goals.

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Operational Excellence

We Are All About Details

Doing things right the first time. Continuous, significant, measurable improvement in cost, quality, speed and service is what we specialize in.  Our clients won’t have it any other way.

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Dedicated Integrated Team

Each client has a dedicated and integrated team. They start with the implementation and stay in place to guarantee high quality service and continuity. We have no silos at NWPS.

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Obsessed With Pennies

In the business of 401k record keeping things are either right or they are wrong. Every account is balanced to the trust each and every night, to the exact penny.

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Data Protection

NWPS places high priority on protecting plan and participant data, accounts, and funds from fraud or misuse. Participant data is only used for recordkeeping, not cross-selling.

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Latest Posts

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401(k), 403(b), Asset Based Fees, Fees, Fiduciary

The use of revenue sharing in retirement plans is on the decline, and this is a good thing. Plan sponsor surveys by both Callan and the Plan Sponsor C...

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Life, NWPS News

NWPS teamed up with SageView Advisory Group to benefit Flatwater Foundation in a 10-mile paddle board fundraiser down the Colorado River....

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NWPS News, Raymond James

Unlike some acquirees, NWPS has not made staffing cuts in the wake of the Raymond James deal - they're actually expanding....

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NWPS News, Raymond James, Service Model

It has been 6 months since NWPS officially became part of the Raymond James family of companies, and consistent with our initial messaging, it has bee...

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