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Working With NWPS

Service Team

Each client is assigned to a small team that provides all required services. This team is made up of experienced consultants and analysts who work on a limited number of plans. The team is assigned when we are hired and leads the implementation through ongoing services and the long-term relationship.


Having a dedicated team provides NWPS clients an expert point of contact who can answer all questions about the relationship rather than an “account manager” who will merely chase down answers from across the company.


Unlike our competitors who are organized in functional silos (where one group runs payrolls, one group handles distributions, etc….), NWPS’ team approach provides superior client service. Silos may be more financially efficient but we think that our service model pays off long term dividends through client retention and referrals.


It is important to note that the leaders of NWPS are involved in day-to-day client service. We expect that our clients will know who we are and that they are always free to call with feedback or questions. Each Team Leader reports directly to a Firm leader and performance is monitored via weekly briefings including status of each client and progress toward goals and objectives.

Roles & Responsibility

NWPS assumes that our clients prefer to be in an executive oversight and decision-making role for the retirement plan. In order to facilitate this, NWPS takes full responsibility for all aspects of plan operations, transactions, compliance and participant service. This includes the following:

  • Eligibility determination
  • Contribution processing and monitoring
  • Contribution rate management
  • Small balance payouts and RMD
  • Drafting and distributing all required notices
  • Lost participant searches
  • Loan, hardship & QDRO review, approval and processing