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Initial Consultation

It starts with a conversation to understand each clients’ specific needs. NWPS spends the time to understand your plan, your participants, your operational environment and your goals. This is the basis for long-term success.


Once we have this understanding of your plan, history and goals, we are ready to begin a conversation about how you would like to improve things. We will bring ideas and recommendations to all these aspects of the plan:


  • Plan document audit
  • Plan operations audit
  • Plan design review and alternatives
  • Plan operations review with recommendations and alternatives
  • Participant retirement readiness evaluation & recommendations
  • Participant communications and education review & recommendations
  • Plan funding review and alternatives
  • Compliance audit and ongoing compliance testing/plan
  • All-in cost analysis

Obviously not all these things can be covered in the first conversation, but these are the key elements we strive to understand so we can help you achieve your goals.


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