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Non-Profit and Not for Profit organizations face many challenges unique to their structure and purpose. They frequently struggle to compete for talent with private corporations.


Senior management often wears many hats, have severe constraints on time and resources, and may have limited experience with qualified retirement plans. Furthermore, they often serve a diverse workforce with retirement needs that may differ from their for-profit counterparts; the strong desire to invest in socially conscious organizations, what’s currently referred to as ESG investing, is but one example.


NWPS understands these needs. We work closely with our NP and NFP clients to offer high-quality, low-cost 403(b), 401(k) or 457(b) (an important type of non-qualified plan designed specifically to reward key personnel) plans which are critical for recruiting, retaining and rewarding hard working staff members. In addition to cost efficiency, most of our NP and NFP clients appreciate our flexibility in how we interact with HR and IT staff on processes and data transmission so they can easily implement and maintain the plan with minimal ongoing resources or expertise. Our open fund architecture platform allows our clients to consider Environmental, Social and Governance issues when selecting plan investments.


While recognizing that each NP and NFP is indeed unique, NWPS has the flexibility, expertise and commitment to serve these organizations and their employees to operate a responsible, successful retirement plan.