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Client Focused

NWPS philosophy is that if we take care of our clients day-in and day-out then our business will take care of itself. The effectiveness of this approach is our client retention rate >98% for each of the last 5 years.


There are multiple dimensions of what it means to be client focused:


  1. We implement plans according to each clients’ goals, requirements and objectives. Of course, we have ideas, suggestions and advice, but ultimately clients get to decide how they want things done.
  2. We have the experience and tools to help your participants achieve their retirement and personal financial wellness goals.
  3. We are dedicated to long-term relationships. The team assigned to a client starts with plan implementation and then operates the plan on a long-term basis. The Team Lead is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day plan operations & compliance. This person is directly available to the plan sponsor and advisor via phone and email. It is not unusual for our clients to have worked with the same team for five or even ten years.
  4. We are flexible. We implement plans and divide the work according to client needs. We have clients who take all the participant calls in their HR Service Center and we have clients who take no participant calls and approve no transactions. We can accommodate either approach.
  5. We are proactive. NWPS will provide our ideas and recommendations for improving plan operations and performance as we see them. These suggestions will be made in the specific context of the clients’ plan and operating environment.
  6. We answer the phone. Each client and advisor has the direct dial number(s) of the Team Lead, Analysts and Firm Principal who are responsible for the work on their plan. Calls are answered when they come in or returned that same day.


All of these things are easy to say, but much harder to actually do on a day-to-day basis. The best way to get a feel for how NWPS honors these principles is to talk to some of our clients. Contact us and we will make that happen.