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Defined Contribution Plans

NWPS provides a full complement of services to all types of defined contribution plan types including:

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • 457
  • 401(a)
  • Non-ERISA plans for Churches & Tribal entities
  • Multiple Employer Plans
  • Pooled Employer Plans

For these plans we provide all necessary services including:

Plan Design

We work with plan sponsors to define the plan objectives, then tailor the plan design to achieve these goals. Our goal is to implement plans that work for our clients, not plans that are easy for us to administer.

General Consulting

Our close-contact, proactive approach results in efficient and customized solutions. We have deep experience in all aspects of plan design and compliance and know how to help clients achieve their goals.

Advanced Recordkeeping and Reporting

Our process, technology and experience allow us to deliver timely and accurate recordkeeping and administration in both daily and balance forward environments.

Plan Sponsor Services

We use an approach designed to provide exceptional levels of service and support for Plan Sponsors. We believe that it is our job to take full responsibility for correct operations of the plan and all related processes. We know what needs to be done across recordkeeping, daily trading, participant service, data feeds, compliance testing, reporting, government forms and all other aspects of plan operations. We do not wait to be told what to do and are proactive in working with our clients to resolve anything causing issues with the plan.

Participant Services

User friendly web, mobile and telephone systems that allow access to critical participant information and transactions. We have designed our website based on years of data to serve three critical participant needs; to inform, to educate and to facilitate transactions.  There is much more functionality, but based on participant needs, we have prioritized these three subjects.  For most clients NWPS has full responsibility for all participant transactions, required notices and distributions. If a participant needs help or prefers to talk to someone, NWPS’ call center – staffed by experienced retirement plan specialists – is available to help them from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. For more on our Participant Services Click Here.

Communication & Education

NWPS works closely with all clients in order to provide the right levels of communication and education depending on goals, budgets and workforce. Of course, all participant facing materials will have client (not NWPS) branding. This includes the website, quarterly statements and all system generated notices and forms. Beyond that we can provide a full range of additional materials, depending upon the requirements of each client. Additional communications can include enrollment workbooks, plan and fund highlight brochures, internal newsletter articles, annual enrollment support, educational workshops, and many other materials.

Financial Wellness

NWPS has recently implemented partnerships with leading financial wellness providers chosen to support our clients’ goals for improving personal financial wellness and literacy across their employee populations. These services include web-based tools & video, topical meetings via webinar, in-person meetings for groups and individuals and ongoing individual coaching and planning via phone and messaging with our experienced, licensed financial wellness coaches. All services are conflict free and fee-for-service. No products are sold.

Open Architecture

NWPS is an independent firm and has no partnerships with mutual fund or insurance companies. We have no investment requirements. We currently work with 5 major trust companies and offer over 11,000 mutual funds and collective funds on our system. We also provide recordkeeping services for company stock, self-directed brokerage accounts, model portfolios and many non-traditional investments like limited partnerships. If there is any revenue sharing from the funds chosen for the plan, it will be credited back to the plan. We are strictly fee-for-service and full disclosure.

Technical Guidance and Compliance

We are committed to ensuring that our clients fulfill all regulatory requirements. We do not wait for our clients to tell us what to do, but instead work with each client to develop an annual compliance plan encompassing all required testing and limits. For more on Compliance Testing and Administration Click Here.

Preparation of Required Government Filings

We prepare signature ready forms and notices including:


  • Form 5500 and supporting schedules
  • 1099R and Form 945
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Fee disclosures
  • Required participant notices

3(16) Fiduciary Services

For clients looking for an additional layer of fiduciary protection and oversight, NWPS will serve as the named ERISA Section 3(16) co-fiduciary to a plan. In this role NWPS will manage the day-to-day administrative duties of a 401(k) plan. For more details see 3(16) Fiduciary Services.

Recordkeeping Only

NWPS partners with select TPA firms to provide recordkeeping only services. We have experience defining the roles and responsibilities of each party to optimize plan operations, participant services, plan communications and plan sponsor services. We team with our TPA partners to deliver superior services for our plan sponsor clients who prefer an unbundled model.

Third Party Administration Only

NWPS also partners with select recordkeepers to provide plan administration and compliance services only. As with recordkeeping only services, we have experience defining the roles and responsibilities of each party to optimize plan operations, participant services, plan communications and plan sponsor services. We team with our recordkeeper partners to deliver superior services for our plan sponsor clients who prefer an unbundled model.