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Law Firms

Law firms have specific challenges around retirement plans, typically sponsoring multiple plans for associates and partners in order to maximize deferral opportunities and tax efficiency while serving the recruiting and retention needs of the firm. We currently work with over 50 firms ranging from two of the ALM Global Top 10 firms to smaller regional firms.


We have many manufacturing clients and support them with plan designs that can accommodate the needs of what can be a low margin, high turnover business. We have worked closely with our manufacturing clients to implement plan designs that help maximize participation and deferrals across the entire workforce so that there are no issues with discrimination testing. One of our largest clients is a Fortune 100 food manufacturer.


Retailers have different staffing and employee turnover challenges than most other businesses and we work closely with our retail clients so that we have plan designs and processes implemented to ensure a plan that minimizes HR staff involvement in the eligibility and enrollment process, while ensuring that everyone gets the offer they should.


Our largest client (by assets) is a Fortune 500 utility company. This client has grown by acquisition so there are many complexities and grandfathered benefits within their 401(k) plan. They also have a traditional DB plan so we have incorporated the DB plan benefits as part evaluating participants’ retirement readiness and overall financial picture.


We have healthcare plans ranging from physician’s practices to hospitals and clinics. With these clients we help design, implement and operate plans that can accommodate a wide range of employees with high mobility and frequent shift, schedule and status changes while helping maximize contributions and tax efficiency.

Professional Services

Consulting firms, CPAs and other professional service firms require high-quality, high-touch 401(k) plans for recruiting and retention and often need non-qualified plans for top management. We help them design, implement and operate qualified and non-qualified plans to meet all of these needs.

Financial Services

Our financial services clients range from banks to private equity, investment advisory and CPA firms. Due to the nature of their employees, financial services firms may have more sophisticated plan designs, multiple plans, and more complex investment menus and options including self-directed brokerage accounts. We have experience designing, implementing and operating such plans.


The sectors listed above represent areas of concentration among our client base, but across our business we serve every type of business and every kind of plan sponsor. If you have questions about how we would serve your business, please contact us here.