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Operational Excellence

At NWPS, our focus on operational excellence goes beyond the traditional continuous improvement methods and incorporates our organizational culture. Without the right culture none of this works.


Our culture is built on guiding principles of integrity, questioning attitude, creativity, problem-solving, and daily continuous improvement. We strive for increasing levels of knowledge, teamwork, and process efficiency.

Over many years NWPS has developed processes, systems, and technology to always do things correctly the first time. Every single payroll file is put through an extensive series of edit checks for numerical and logical errors before being loaded. Every plan on our system is balanced to the trust (to the penny) every night. We execute and document all work required for each plan in real time. The result of this focus is very few operational errors and superior long-term services, compliance and client satisfaction.


In the last two years NWPS has been through more than 30 DOL audits with our clients and there have been zero findings of defects and no fines or restitution payments. Industry standard is that 65% of audits have findings and fines.

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