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Client Satisfaction – we finally did a survey

Client Satisfaction – we finally did a survey

As an organization, we have always been of the mindset that if our clients are unhappy they will either tell us or fire us.  Our client retention rate >98% over many years was most of the validation needed to confirm that we are doing the right things the right way.

However, as NWPS grows and we compete for ever larger deals and work more with search consultants, we decided it’s finally time to field a client survey.  We were pleased by the results:

survey graph

We still think clients will call or fire us if they’re unhappy, but the survey was a nice validation of how we are executing.  Now, we need to track down the person who gave us the 2 on availability and fix that issue!

In addition to these numerical rankings, we received lots of open ended feedback and comments.  We will be focused on improving those areas where our clients were not 100% satisfied to make sure we can improve from this (quite high) base.