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The universe is not as it appears. Neither are retirement plan service providers.

The universe is not as it appears. Neither are retirement plan service providers.

This past week, NASA unveiled images from the James Webb Space Telescope. These pictures have delighted, awed, and amazed us with images of deep space and the immeasurable number of stars, galaxies, and constellations in the earliest and deepest reaches of the universe. Immeasurable indeed! Astronomers tell us that if you held a grain of sand up to the sky at arm’s length, that tiny speck is the size of Webb’s now famous first image.

It occurs to us that the universe of retirement plan service providers is quite similar.

Everyone’s heard of the large recordkeepers, the Milky Ways and Andromedas of our industry: Fidelity, Vanguard, Empower, and the like. Perhaps more interesting are the smaller, more focused, and attentive recordkeepers that dot the spacescape. Here you’ll find NWPS.

NWPS is certainly not a household name. When we ask most retirement plan advisors if they’ve heard of NWPS, we are treated to blank stares and stammers. Ask an advisor or client who has worked with NWPS however, and you’ll hear a galaxy of compliments: stellar, awesome, outstanding, capable, helpful, responsive. The list really does go on.

We work with clients who are delighted that their NWPS consultant gets back to them the same day with not only an answer to a question but a solution to avoid the problem next time.

We collaborate with advisors who are awed that we’ll create a special, recurring report just for them, based on a particular need they have.

We respond to participants who are amazed that we will actually take a moment to print off and hand mail a beneficiary designation form, because they don’t have access to a computer.

Much like James E. Webb, the NASA administrator from 1961 to 1968 whose contributions are now rewriting astronomy textbooks, NWPS strives every day to rewrite the participant, advisor, and plan sponsor retirement plan experience. What makes for a good experience? Responsiveness. Expertise. Helpfulness. Going the extra mile. And a human touch.

Care to be amazed? Look over here!